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Firefin Grill

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Located in the heart of the Palm Beach Gardens, Firefin Grill encapsulates an upscale and spirited neighborhood restaurant, drawing guests in for quality local seafood and hand-crafted drinks.

Sea-to-table dining experience

United by our passion for high-quality food and unparalleled hospitality, our team at Firefin is dedicated to providing an amazing experience for our guests. We pride ourselves on crafting unique dishes with the finest ingredients, driven by our chef’s vision for the freshest locally-sourced food.

Our sea-to-table menu is inspired by the partnerships we’ve established with local divers and spearfishers who deliver the freshest ingredients straight from the boat to our kitchen. Our commitment to quality ensures each guest has an amazing experience – whether it’s a date night, corporate event or happy hour.

More than a restaurant

At Firefin, we want to be more than just your favorite restaurant – we want to be your go-to entertainment venue. With our dynamic live entertainment and pri vale event options, Firefin has more than just outstanding food. Our team of managers and event coordinators are working to bring the best entertainment and nightlife acts to Firefin, expanding our offerings beyond the average restaurant.


Firefin Grill is a family-owned and operated waterfront restaurant located in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens. The Selah family, originally from Turkey, is bringing their passion for fine dining to the local community. With years of experience and expertise in the food and hospitality industry, the Selahs have made it their mission to create an exceptional dining experience that reflects their unique cultural background and dedication to quality. At Firefin Grill, we are deeply committed to cultivating roots in the Palm Beach Gardens community and providing our guests with an unforgettable dining experience. Our top priority is to serve our community with the finest ingredients, create meaningful connections, and be the go-to destination for special occasions, date nights, or simply a night out with loved ones. We invite you to discover our story, explore our menu, and become part of the Firefin Grill family.